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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. David Baeza believes that by 2050 we’ll need to double world food production. The problem is, farmland per capita will be reduced by more than 50%. One promising solution is using drones to help improve crop yields while reducing dependencies on water, pesticides and weedicides. Today’s talk will focus on wine and wine grapes but the learnings from this crop can have global implications on the food supply during the next 5 years and could also play a major role in helping to save the honey bee. If you love wine, want to help save the honey bee, and are fascinated by drones, this enlightening and fun talk is for you.

Founder of VineRangers, David Baeza is an entrepreneur, wanna be Shakespeare Fellow, master of the BBQ, lover of wine, family and the honey bee.

About the Speaker

David Baeza

David Baeza

David Baeza is the Founder of Vine Rangers and a former Executive at Citrix Systems. Vine Rangers leverages the latest in Drone, Mobile and Cloud technology to help improve the quality, consistency and yield of the vineyard, all while reducing the use of pesticides and water.

During his 10 years at Citrix, David held various Executive roles where he led the teams responsible for Marketing and Go-to-Market for the company’s core global offerings: GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, GoToMyPC and GoToAssist, and Product Management and Positioning for early stage research projects. Recent successes include Talkboard by Citrix. An iOS app, which was selected by Apple as Best of 2013, rose to the #2 free business app and was the highest rated in the category. The team launched Hu.tt, the company’s first WebRTC product, which was featured by Google at the WebRTC Expo. Citrix chose Hu.tt to become it’s first free collaboration offering.

David previously served as Founder and Managing Director of bobo Wireless, a mobile content company whose clients included Disney, InfoSpace, American Greetings, Rock the Vote and more. He was founder and CEO of Sonicport, where he launched SeeYouOnline.com, a national ISP. Mr. Baeza took the company public in 2000. He led the successful acquisition of US Dataworks, Inc.

David holds an MBA from Nova Southeastern University, and a Bachelors of Science Degree in Finance from Cal Poly, Pomona. He enjoys building and humanizing brands through thoughtful, creative and disruptive brand positioning and holds disdain for competitive emulation.