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Every time you hear about a new robot, drone, or other technology you’ll inevitably be told that “it could someday be used for first-responders”. The reality is that despite such hopes, technologies rarely get to broad deployment or to the on-the-ground first-responder that most needs help. Francisco Aguilar of Bounce Imaging describes how one Harvard Innovation Lab / MIT startup is trying to help first-responders at scale by understanding their needs first, and only then applying advanced technologies.

About the Speaker

Francisco Aguilar

Francisco Aguilar

Francisco is CEO of Bounce Imaging, a Harvard Innovation Lab/MIT startup that develops advanced 360/VR cameras for first-responders. Originally from Costa Rica, Francisco has a background in private and social sector strategy with experience in electronics, advanced materials, energy, and telecom. He has worked in the U.S., Latin America, East Africa, and Central and East Asia. Bounce Imaging’s Explorer camera system has been named a Best Invention by CNN, Popular Science, TIME, and others and offers first-responders revolutionary situational awareness in dangerous environments, keeping them and civilians safer.