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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Natalie Finstad co-founded Tatua Kenya, an organization that develops sustainable and just approaches to poverty through building community. Her work in Kenya, alongside other endeavors, shaped her belief that building community is a necessary response to solving challenges such as climate change, drug abuse, homelessness or global poverty. Ms. Finstad’s talk explores the urgent need to build community in a world where innovation is making isolation an increasingly convenient choice.

Natalie Finstad, trained in community organizing by Harvard’s Marshall Ganz, is a visionary leader. She has worked with community organizing projects across the globe, most prominently in Kenya where she co-founded Tatua Kenya, an organization that works in East Africa to develop sustainable and just approaches to poverty.

About the Speaker

Natalie Finstad

Natalie Finstad

Natalie Finstad is a transformational leader who develops the capacity of communities to make real change using their own resources.

Ms. Finstad’s leadership journey began in Houston, Texas, where she was raised as the oldest of five girls. At a young age Ms. Finstad exhibited leadership skills: before she earned her BA in History/Education from the University of Texas Austin Ms. Finstad had been an integral part of launching three service organizations. Her interest in service led her to take a position as a community organizer in Boston, Massachusetts where she was trained in community organizing skills by the Leading Change Network, an organization affiliated with the work of Marshall Ganz, Sr. Lecturer at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Ms. Finstad has since been involved in designing community organizing projects concerning civil liberties in Boston, health care services in New Zealand and most prominently, sustainable aid in Nairobi, Kenya. Ms. Finstad is the co-founder of Tatua Kenya, an organization that works with communities across East Africa to develop locally rooted, sustainable and just approaches to poverty. Currently Ms. Finstad is beginning a project with The Episcopal Church that develops and organizes leaders in the church to build transformational faith-based communities for the purpose of meeting the world’s challenges.

Ms. Finstad’s consulting work with communities/organizations includes coaching individuals, developing on organizational structure, advising project design, and teaching community organizing ideology/practices. Ms. Finstad has worked for the following organizations as a consultant and/or teaching fellow: The Harvard Kennedy School, Bridgespan, The Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, Global Episcopal Missionary Network and Evidence for Action. Ms. Finstad is a requested speaker at church congregations, organizing conferences and will be one of the featured speakers at the TEDxBeaconStreet in November of 2015.