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TED is about technology – and here we have this exquisite, top of the line Steinway piano. The beautiful lines and the craftsmanship, perfectly tuned. But the truth is, this piano is nothing without the touch of a musician. Meet an extraordinary young man, Blake Frank. Blake is a 6th grader who “accidentally” discovered his love for music on a toy piano at the age of three. He has not looked back since and most recently played at Carnegie Hall.

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Blake Frank

Blake Frank

8th grader Blake Frank “accidentally” discovered his love for music on a toy piano at the young age of three and by age four was studying at the Mannes College of Music. Blake prefers classical music with a penchant for Bach and Beethoven, but he’s also passionate about math, science and tennis. In the past year he was the youngest participant ever to be invited to the InterHarmony Music Festival, in Arcidosso Italy, was a semi-finalist in the Ensemble Young Artist Piano Competition, and performed at Carnegie Hall.