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Chess seems like too complicated of a game for the three-year-old mind. But seven years ago Tyler and his best friend founded Chess at Three, a company dedicated to teaching chess to pre-school age children. In this talk, Tyler reveals the Chess at Three methods and explains how we can use it to teach children a new catalog of subjects that were previously thought to be too complicated for early childhood ages. Tyler is a Master Story Crafter.

About the Speaker

Tyler Schwartz

Tyler Schwartz

Tyler is a Master Story Crafter.

Tyler is the Founder and Creative Director for Chess At Three.

Chess At Three tells stories that transform the chess pieces into a memorable cast of characters. These characters have quirky qualities that help children understand how the chess pieces move.

Every Chess At Three lesson has a fun story that introduces children to important themes that go far beyond chess. Chess At Three students learn about sportsmanship, grit, and math, all through stories.