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The investment industry has told us for decades what should make us happy. Why isn’t it working? The complexity of the current approach creates road blocks to happiness. How do we tear these down? Finding the answer depends on beginning with the right question. Turn the existing model on its head and develop solutions that start with the science on human happiness and then integrate the math of finance; solutions designed to empower us. After close to 25 years of investment and advisory experience, decades of observations on the difference between clients who are truly “enjoying the journey” and those who are not, and years of exploring the work of experts in fields outside of finance, I think the answer lies in the core overlapping elements of these three data sets.

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Susan Dahl

Susan Dahl

Susan is an accomplished executive with over 20 years of experience in financial services and a proven record of success navigating and advancing change. Her experience includes both public and private companies, high growth and turn-around situations, with most recent roles as CEO and CIO. In these roles strong leadership skills have helped her succeed in promoting a forward-thinking vision, which she shares in her talk for TEDxBeaconStreet.

“Battle tested” insights from years as a portfolio manager of institutional and endowment assets have been essential ingredients in the development of the highly successful, process driven approach utilized in the management of assets and financial strategy for both domestic and international clients. Her hands-on investment experience spans asset classes from emerging markets to structured fixed income to currencies to U.S. equities and has a breadth that is rare in this industry. This, in combination with years of research in fields outside of finance, inform an interesting new perspective on where success begins.

Susan is a champion of simplicity and purpose as roads to success and is a wonderful example of female leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship in the financial services industry.