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We’ll solve the world’s pressing problems by making their solutions affordable, profitable – and then inevitable. And by creating narratives that promise ourselves and our descendants the world of bounty and beauty we want. To do that, we must imagine and create new business approaches that enable riches while we resolve climate change, devastated oceans and forests and more.

About the Speaker

John Ryan

John Ryan

John is looking at ways to solve the world’s largest problems – using the best tools from business to make solving these problems affordable, profitable and inevitable – and in doing so, we create narratives that are inspirational, not depressing.
A former Google [x] director, and serial entrepreneur, John works on strategies for projects where the underlying physical technologies are difficult.

John has founded and run several tech companies. He founded, with two colleagues, a renowned telecom / tech consulting firm, Ryan Hankin Kent. For 14 years, RHK was renowned for technically-derived and precise insights in strategy.
He co-founded Pixel Qi Corp., which pioneered fabless display development.