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In the past, television has been called the ‘timid giant.” Recently, it has become bolder, positioning itself as both a reflection of society and a trigger of profound transformations within it. This talk posits television as a creator of communities; communities embodied by the idea of “social television.” Social television brings together both the human stories at the center of the multimedia experiences of the Internet age and the devices that interact with each other through them. This talk will therefore address how technology, user behavior and societal changes are impacting the television of today. We will not limit ourselves to the viewers’ point of view, but explore content production and its adoption. Television has changed and will continue to: it is no longer merely a piece of furniture, but a rich and impactful medium for social visual communication.

Dr. Marie-José Montpetit is a technical researcher in the MIT Comparative Media Studies department looking in to the future of video and television from a content and technology perspective. Her main research is on the convergence of networking and video for seamless mobility and social visual communication.

About the Speaker

Marie-Jose Montpetit

Marie-Jose Montpetit

Dr. Marie-José Montpetit is a well known Internet Architect and consultant. Recently her research has focused on edge networking and computing and what ti enables in terms of Virtual and Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and network performance.

She currently is consulting with a leading Internet company as well as participating in research and standardisation and keeping abreast of the startup world. She was a research scientist at the Research Laboratory of Electronics at MIT focusing on network coding from 2009-2014.

From 2008-2015 she was also an invited scientist at the MIT Media Laboratory teaching a class on converged video applications that got her a mention in the MIT Technology Review as a “TR 10” (the 10 technologies that will shape the future). Dr. Montpetit received a Ph.D. in EECS from the Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal, Canada. She was the recipient of the Motorola Innovation Prize in 2007 for the development of a multi-screen and multi-network video mobility system.

Her work on converged video applications and multi-screen IPTV has gotten her many invited papers and keynote presentations. Dr. Montpetit lives in Boston with 2 cats and 4 computers.