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It goes without saying that life will knock you down. It will show you things that seem like impossible challenges, but when you can problem solve as a magician does, you’ll soon realize that even the biggest obstacles you face are really nothing more than beautiful opportunities for growth, development and new awakenings.

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Adam Wilber

Adam Wilber

As a keynote speaker and creative thinking workshop leader, Adam engages, challenges, and inspires audiences with the promise that everyone can learn how to be creative. The impacts of innovation range from success in business to personal fulfillment and happiness. Adam brings compelling energy to the stage with the perfect mix of magic entertainment and unique creativity concepts that will revolutionize the way that you think and dream.

Adam performed his very first magic trick at the age of six and instantly fell in love with the art form. Magic is a wide category with dozens of specialties and he was eager to master all of them. Adam practiced diligently to perfect the classic, iconic tricks of mentalism, illusionism, and sleight of hand, but it wasn’t enough – the real thrill was rooted in invention and innovation.

Upgraded magic tricks and brand-new illusions skyrocketed Adam’s career as a professional magician. The never-before-seen inventions and illusions were highlighted on national television shows, including Penn & Teller, and in front of thousands of awestruck audiences at private and corporate events.

In addition to inventing tricks and props for himself, Adam is the GM of Ellusionist, a company that invents tricks for other magicians. With the creative capacity to think through both sides of the illusion, Adam not only fooled audiences, but he also stunned his fellow magicians. Today, Ellusionist is the world’s largest magic company with a line of must-have magic essentials. Adam sits at the helm as general manager with full creative control and marketing experience for multi-million dollar products.

Magic gave Adam an outlet to grow, challenge, and refine his creative skills. Through every invention, revolutionary business decision, and real-time improvisational quip on stage, he cemented his position as the authority on creativity and innovation. Now, he’s on a mission to teach others and spark an inferno of creativity in every audience.