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Build. Design. Share. How creating your own bamboo bicycle can empower individuals to think creatively, act on their ideas, and then share this with others.

Max Feldstein-Nixon lives in Brookline, Massachusetts and attends Brookline High School. An avid student, Max enjoys experiential learning as much as traditional classroom learning. A passion for new ideas and perspectives has led him on multiple adventures. IN 2015, Max spent a semester studying in Xi’an, China. While abroad, he met David Wang–the founder of Bamboo Bicycles Beijing and a BHS alumni. Intrigued by David’s bikes, Max quit his sport once back in Boston and dedicated himself to learning about bamboo bicycles. With no prior experience in engineering or business, Max threw himself into the process. Since then, he’s learned how to build his own bike, lead bike building workshops, write grants, and has helped create a community makerspace with other teens. Max is now focused on spreading bamboo bicycles around Boston and enjoying his final year of high school. While he does not know what the future holds for him, it is a good bet that there will be a bamboo bicycle involved.

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Max Feldstein-Nixon

Max Feldstein-Nixon

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