Yvonne Wassenaar

CEO Airware, Digital Thought Leader

Yvonne is a catalyst who inspires a shift in action and challenges leaders to embrace technology and diversity in order to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world. With many people concerned with how modern technology will be used, Yvonne is championing its use to drive a safer, more efficient & innovative planet.

Currently Yvonne is CEO of Airware. Her focus is on digitizing the physical world with drones to allow industries such as mining and commercial insurance to benefit from modern day technologies including cloud, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Previously Yvonne served as CIO of New Relic where she was part of the executive team that took the company public. She served as a top executive at VMware where she led key initiatives to scale the company from $2B – $6B. Yvonne began her career at Accenture where she joined as a software engineer and held a variety of leadership roles over 17 years.

Yvonne serves on the board of directors for Forrester (FORR), MuleSoft (MULE), Harvey Mudd College, and the Athena Alliance. Yvonne holds a BA in economics from UCLA and an MBA in strategy and operations from the university’s Anderson School of Business. She is the proud mother of 3 socially conscious children and an avid traveler who uses her experiences abroad to deepen her understanding of human interaction and experience.