Vitor Pamplona

Founder & CEO at EyeNetra

Vitor is mostly known for proposing a set of patient-centric, health 2.0 technologies for eye care back in 2009 during his Ph.D. and spinning off a disruptive start-up around them (EyeNetra).

He operates in the triple frontier between optics, computer science, and vision science from early research to post-breakeven. His team created the first smartphone add-on to measure the refractive error of the eyes (NETRA); the first smartphone auto-lensometer (Netrometer); the first handheld sphero-cylindrical phoropter (Netropter); the first at-home self-administered vision tracking tool (NETRA/EyeQue); the first virtual-reality refraction (NETRA-G); the first smartphone single-shot photorefractor (Nytro); the first at-home cataract tracking tool (CATRA); the first AI-ready tele-optometrist (Blink/Insight); the first VR device that compensates for refractive error (NETRA-V), the first VR-based fully-automated subjective refraction (NETRA-X), the first display screen that eliminates the need for corrective eyewear (TailoredDisplays), and the lowest-cost all-in-one solution to refractive care (EyeNetra).

VitorĀ also co-founded PUB-Boston and the SciBr Foundation to mobilize Brazilian innovation in the US.