Taylor Milsal

Managing Director at Cotor, Inc.

Taylor is a Managing Partner at Cotor, Inc., helping corporations create technical solutions to business problems. Taylor manages business partnerships and technology development.

Previously, Taylor was Co-Founder and CEO of San Francisco based innovation practice, Milsal McCaull. Under her leadership, the company’s clients included a diverse portfolio, from startups to the world’s largest corporations.

Taylor has orchestrated over $500M in transactions for projects including megawatt-scale alternative energy installations and SaaS solutions for corporate clients and major retailers. She also founded Zephyr, a mechanical engineering and design firm, with clients including Apple and HP. She has led and collaborated on future initiatives for leading healthcare organizations. She serves as a mentor for the Thiel Fellowship and Founder Institute. She is also an investor in early stage biotech companies.

Taylor also co-founded and produced the first TEDx. Her hobby is collecting the world’s brightest people around a dinner table to share ideas.