Sumie Kaneko

Kotoist and 8th grader at the Lincoln School

Akino was born in Philadelphia in the US, and grew up in Tokyo, Japan. Akino is in her 8th grade at the Lincoln School. Her first experience with the Japanese harp (Koto) came when she became a member of the Japanese harp club at Shirayuri Gakuen Junior High School in Tokyo as a 1 grader. There she studied Koto under Ms. Kameyama of the Yamada School Koto Music. After Akino moved to Boston, she studied the Japanese harp under Ms. Ayakano Cathleen Read and Ms. Sumie Kaneko, both teachers of the Yamada School Koto Music. She performed the Japanese harp at Harvard Kennedy School, Tufts University, and the Lincoln School. She also likes to play the piano, study Chinese, play tennis, and ice skating.