Shivam Kajale

PhD Candidate & Research Assistant at MIT

Shivam is a PhD candidate and a research assistant at the MIT Media Labs. His research focuses on realizing the goal of highly energy-efficient “beyond CMOS” devices, based on magnetics, spintronics and magnetoelectrics.

Data centers across the world are consuming electricity at par with the electricity consumption of entire countries, like South Africa and the United Kingdom. The projected growth of energy consumption in computational hardware over the next few decades has serious global implications. Realizing this urgency, Shivam and his group of researchers are trying to build “beyond CMOS” devices, to replace the billions of silicon-based transistors in our computers with brain-inspired, atomically thin magnetic devices, which are projected to enable thousands of times more energy efficient computation for the sustainable growth of the IT infrastructure.

Shivam is an electrical engineer by training, with a B.Tech and M.Tech in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. He uses techniques from applied physics, material science and nanotechnology for building scalable and energy-efficient devices for an environmentally sustainable AI ecosystem growth.