Sheri Ray

Correctional Officer & 60 Days In Participant

Sheri Ray was a new mom who started my career in corrections over a decade ago in a state facility “maximum prison” where she went on to be a Security threat groups  gang unit officer”. She was casted to do 60 days in and go undercover as a first time inmate in a county jail in Clark County Indiana. After doing the program Sheri was upset with the way she observed officers interactions with inmates that she swore off ever returning to the field. However as time went on she felt empty and frustrated that she had all this information and ideas and was just doing nothing went them. After speaking with the sheriff from Clark county he reached out and offered her a position at the jail. It was a radical idea and dangerous to take a undercover prior law enforcement officer and put her undercover as an inmate and bring them back as an officer at the same facility. Sheri is proof that the system is flawed but can be fixed with better training of our officers and with better funding for facilities as well as incorporating re entry centers in all major cities that focus on transitioning back to society after doing time.