Rwenshaun Miller

Mental Health Change Agent & Author

Mental health change agent and author, Rwenshaun Miller, is a therapist, speaker, and social entrepreneur. As a licensed professional counselor, Rwenshaun services individuals spanning all ages, with a goal of helping each person understand and take accountability for their mental wellness.

For years he lived with a voice on a loudspeaker in his head. He believed that it was normal to feel discouraged, inadequate and frustrated at the world; especially as a Black man in America. After all, men don’t have many emotions and must always remain physically and mentally strong…

Through his journey after being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, he founded Eustress Inc., a nonprofit organization that focuses on raising mental health awareness through conversation and activities to break the stigma associated with mental illness in black and brown communities. Rwenshaun has worked in the mental health field for over a decade, understanding the challenges faced by individuals with limited resources, and looks to provide ways to address these needs.