Ross Miller

Outdoor Artist

Ross Miller is a visual artist whose work integrates art into the public landscape. Through site-based projects he seeks to encourage community conversation in outdoor spaces, and to create places for private reflection in civic environments.

Rather than imposing a specific medium or content on a site, the ideas evolve by examining the site’s ecological and social history, patterns of pedestrian activity, quality of light, and proposed future uses in order to create public artwork that makes direct connection with the site, heightening one’s experience of being in that specific place.

Sited in publicly accessible locations – urban squares and parks, in schools, subway tunnels, along highways and over city streets – these projects evolve through collaboration with local residents, school and community groups, planners, architects, landscape architects and other artists. The projects range from urban and architectural scale installations to intimate pedestrian scale sculptures. One example is the Outdoor Classroom Pilot Projects, a series of experiential educational garden landscapes for Boston Public Schools and the Boston Schoolyard Initiative.