Rodrigo Martinez

Chief Marketing & Design Officer at VeritasGenetics and Freediver

Rodrigo lives at the crossroads of BIOLOGY + TECHNOLOGY + DESIGN. As Chief Marketing & Design Officer at Veritas Genetics, he creates experiences to engage people in the genomic revolution. For the last 20 years, Rodrigo has participated in and lead different initiatives in life sciences. Before joining Veritas, Rodrigo was Life Sciences Chief Strategist at IDEO. Prior to that he was a Principal with The Boston Consulting Group. With Juan Enriquez, Rodrigo co-founded Harvard Business School’s Life Sciences Project and coined the term ‘bioeconomy’ in a series of papers and articles starting in 1997.

Rodrigo’s work has been recognized by awards including MDEA Gold Award, Core 77 Design Strategy, Webby; and has appeared in publications and books including WIRED, HBR Brasil, EDGE-Serpentine Gallery. Rodrigo has been a keynote speaker & presenter at: Summit at Sea, ARC Fusion, TEDx events, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, HBR Brasil, among other.

He has been a regular guest lecturer at Harvard and MIT. Educated at Mexico City’s ITAM and Harvard, he mostly learns creativity and innovation from his 10-yr old daughter.

Rodrigo is a freediver and loves spicy food.