Robert Chmielinski

Speaker Curation Program at TEDxBeaconStreet

A TEDxBeaconStreet volunteer for several years, Robert W. Chmielinski, J.D., M.B.A., inspired by his fascination with powerful, world changing ideas, has devoted considerable time and effort to work with TEDxBeaconStreet speakers and speaker catalysts in presenting informative, exciting and motivating talks to our global audience.

Robert has a nearly 40-year involvement in legal representation of people from technology entrepreneurs to medical professionals to mom-and-pop enterprises, advising them on strategic, operational and personal challenges. His broad exposure across the business and personal spectrum has evolved into a deep appreciation for the study of social systems. This interest launched the vision and production of this TEDxBeaconStreet Healthcare USA Salon. As the country becomes consumed with debate over the future of our healthcare system, this Salon offers an intelligent and realistic understanding of its amazing progress and also its dysfunction – by the people who are in the forefront of the transformation to better healthcare for the country’s population.

Robert also serves as Regional Coordinator for the federal bar’s Export Legal Assistance Network, as position he has held for several decades, providing no-cost consultations to people seeking to expand their business internationally. He is an active contributor to organizations that promote internet freedom, respect for diversity, environmental responsibility, thoughtful planetary stewardship and synergistic anticipatory design science. He lives in Quincy, Massachusetts with his wife of 40 years, their two children residing in metropolitan New York and Berlin.