Paul English

Founder of Kayak, four other startups and four nonprofits

Paul is the Founder of Boston Venture Studio, a startup to create consumer technology startups. Previously, Paul was Cofounder of Lola.com, a business travel and expense management company sold to Capital One. Before that, Paul was CTO of KAYAK, a travel company he co-founded in 2004, took public in 2012, and sold to Priceline in 2013. Paul is also the founder of Moonbeam.fm Podcast Player, Xiangqi.com Chinese Chess community, GetHuman customer service platform, Intermute security software, and Boston Light, a small business ecommerce startup he sold to Intuit.

Paul grew up in Boston (as did his parents), his father was a pipefitter at Boston Gas Company, Paul’s first job was delivering the Boston Globe, and he went to Boston public schools until he studied music and computer science at UMASS Boston. (As you can guess, Paul is a Boston Red Sox fan, and his accent gets worse in bahs.)

Paul is the subject of Tracy Kidder’s book “A Truck Full of Money”, published by Random House in September 2016. You can also hear Paul’s story on the NPR podcast “How I Built This” with Guy Raz.

Nonprofit Work

Paul is the founder of Bipolar Boston, a peer network for bipolar people in Boston who come together to share stories and success paths.

Paul is cofounder of Summits Education, an organization that is building education systems in rural Haiti. Summits operates a network of 41 schools in Haiti’s Central Plateau, employing over 350 educators, and serving 10,000 students. Paul first went to Haiti in 2003. (Paul wè bote ak espwa.)

Paul is the founder of King Boston, a racial justice organization dedicated to the work of MLK and Coretta Scott King and their time in Boston.

Paul is the founder of the Winter Walk for Homelessness, an annual event in Boston to raise awareness and funds to help care for homeless people in our city.

Paul is a Director of Partners In Health and of Village Health Works, both organizations providing quality healthcare to populations of extreme poverty. 

Ancient History

Paul was briefly an entrepreneur in-residence at Greylock, VP of Engineering at NetCentric, SVP of Engineering and Product Management at Interleaf. He also did contract programming for the US Air Force, operations research programming for Data General, programming for a medical device company, and even some video game software and sound-effect development.

Paul received a BS and MS in computer science from the University of Massachusetts. Paul was named Chief Technology Officer of the year by Mass Technology Leadership Council in 2009. 

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