Nyla Sams

Student, Activist

If Nyla were to say that she is a black, female, her body would be dipped in black, and lips smeared with lipstick. She would become invisible to you and no one would be at fault. So in essence, She is Nyla. She is a 16-year-old from everywhere, yet nowhere. She was born in Philly, moved to Abu Dhabi, then to Albany. The next stop was Atlanta and now she attends a school in Boston and lives in Houston. She is an activist and plays the piano, violin, bass, and guitar. She dances. She writes. She is a sister to a 13-year-old, hockey player. The daughter of a college administrator and stay at home mom. It is because of her laundry list of locations, the places where she takes up space, and the relationships she has that her identity weaves through broad labels and niche details to create the person she is today.