Michael Gants

Economics Student at Harvard University

Michael is a junior at Harvard College. His whole life, Michael has been very sensitive to issues of fairness. So often, the world seems so random and unfair. In high school, he started a community service club that achieved recognition by Time Magazine and the Boston Globe. Most recently at Harvard, he started a company called JustiServ

JustiServ is a program that allows people to answer a few multiple choice questions about their legal problem and instantly see all the lawyers in their area who can take their case, see reviews from other clients and lawyers, and the total price the lawyer will charge to handle the person’s legal issue.

Michael aims to make JustiServ an international force for good. When people cannot afford lawyers, they do not get treated fairly. Our system is complex and made to favor those who have an advocate to guide them through it. Michael envisions a world where everyone is on an equal playing field and playing by the same rules when it comes to the law.