Luna Nefeli Valayannopoulos-Akrivou

Student, Activist, Poet

As you can guess her last name is Greek and you are spot on, she is. But Luna-Nefeli was born in Paris making her also half-French and she is currently living in Cambridge,MA. These two cultures have had a huge influence on her life as they have taught her to live a simple life and to be happy with common things. As a little child, she had always questioned the wonders of life, why things happen and for what reason and started writing poetry at the age of nine. And when she started finding answers she felt the need to share them with others. She is an outgoing and adventurous person; a runner, a swimmer and a sailor. She loves traveling and tasting food from all the countries of the world. She likes taking risks and getting out of her comfort zone. She likes speaking out about matters that are true to her heart, but most importantly she loves to share her own experience with others.