Lauren Mulvehill

Experience Designer | Masters in HCI

As a woman, Lauren Mulvehill never thought she would end up in a technical field. But once she started school at Rochester Institute of Technology, she discovered ending up there aligned with her passion. Once she discovered the field of UX design, she finished her degree in New Media Marketing and immediately went for her Master’s in Human-Computer Interaction. As a User Experience Designer, Lauren’s main goal is to take digital experiences and make them user-friendly and a pleasure for anyone to use. Currently she is working as an Experience Designer for Ahold Delhaize designing innovative web/mobile applications for grocery stores. She hopes to take the skills she has learned and apply them to the field of mental health as her career progresses.

In her free time, Lauren enjoys running, yoga, volleyball, writing, playing piano/singing, and cooking. Her favorite pursuit is teaching UX courses for Girl Develop It in which she gets to share her passion and motivate other women to go into tech.