Larry Nagler

1960 NCAA Tennis Singles & Doubles Champion; Tennis Association Hall of Fame; Attorney

Born and raised in N.Y.  Attended UCLA on Tennis scholarship.  NCAA Singles, Doubles and Team Champion in 1960, National Collegiate Tennis Player of the Year; PAC 12 (different name them) singles Champion ’60, ’61 and ’62.  Tennis All American for 3 years.  Admitted to UCLA Athletic Hall of Fame, and to the Intercollegiate Tennis Hall of Fame. Member of UCLA Athletic Hall of Fame committee for several years, responsible for choosing new admittees.   Walk-on to UCLA basketball team, and played for 1 + years.  Legendary coach John Wooden was a tennis fan, who supported my decision to drop basketball for tennis when it was clear I could not do justice to both; and became close personal friends with Coach Wooden after college. Proud to say he publicly praised my basketball ability .


Played tennis on the amateur tennis circuit, including the US Championships, for 8 years; doubles partner with Arthur Ashe and Allen Fox on the circuit; traveled and roomed with Ashe after UCLA .  Had many interesting experiences and conversations with Arthur over the years until he died of AIDS, after a contaminated blood transfusion.  What a loss to the country.


Attended UCLA Law School, and practiced business litigation for 55 + years. Was Ashe’s attorney, and Tom Okker’s, the winner and runner-up of the first U. S. Open Tennis Championships in 1968, when they were deciding to turn pro; participated in the birth of Open Tennis and had a front row seat on the evolution of tennis from the era of small wood rackets, etc. to today’s version of the game.


Currently, I play paddle tennis 5-6 days a week in Venice Beach, California, which has become my exercise, my social life and my entertainment.  I am also the pro-bono unofficial general counsel to the Venice Beach paddle tennis community and its’ many strange characters.  I have 4 kids, and 2 grandkids, and try to stay close to all of them.  I am a most fortunate man.