Lane Gardner

Arts Educator, Singer/Songwriter, President/Founder of THREAD

As a longtime trailblazer in the field of therapeutic arts, Lane’s work is an emerging voice in a world where innovative solutions to our rising mental health crisis are desperately needed.

An award winning arts educator, singer/songwriter and non-profit entrepreneur, Lane uses the power of music and creativity to facilitate healing and growth in individuals and communities suffering from trauma.

For nearly 3 decades, Lane has devoted her life’s work to helping herself and others learn how to transform their personal experiences of trauma into powerful works of art. Her passion for the human journey and for cultivating connection through our shared experiences led her to develop a therapeutic and collaborative songwriting program that merges creativity, self-expression, healing and community.

THREAD is a 501(c)(3) therapeutic arts non-profit organization that serves the needs of survivors of abuse, those struggling with addiction and mental health, cancer survivors, incarcerated men and women, veterans and those impacted by inequality and discrimination surrounding gender, race, sexuality and religion. It also implements programs to address the urgent needs of communities affected by gun violence, natural disasters and other crisis scenarios.