Kyle Clark

Founder & CEO at BETA Technologies

Kyle is a dynamic, creative and analytic test pilot and engineer. He is the founder of BETA Technologies where aviation is being transformed.

BETA Technologies is working to make flight greener, safer, and more accessible by helping the world in the transition to electric-powered aviation. BETA builds eVTOL aircraft and charging systems enabling its customers to seamlessly move people and cargo around the world safely, cost-effectively, and with minimal environmental impact.

Between days in the lab or on the road. Mr. Clark flies, drives and designs all types of innovative vehicles. He is a motorcycle and airplane enthusiast and dreams of merging the two into the most intuitive interface for three dimensional motion possible. He has sat on the board of technical schools and taught both Mechanical and Electrical engineering course at UVM.

Prior to his current work, Kyle was a Founder of Venture.co and the Director of engineering at Dynapower where he and his team of programmers, engineers and technicians were responsible for the development of all Dynapower product lines including inverters, pulse modulators and control systems. Prior to Dynapower, Kyle was the V.P. of Engineering and founding partner of iTherm Technologies, and prior to iTherm he played professional hockey for the Washington Capitals organization. He is an inventor and expert in electric propulsion and induction heating technologies.

He graduated from Harvard University, school of Applied Mathematics and Engineering where he was awarded the 2004 Engineering Thesis of the Year award for his work in flight dynamics and control algorithms.

Kyle has conducted complex engineering studies in the areas of power electronics, electromagnetics, mechanics, heat transfer and control algorithms. He has published papers in the fields of controls, pulse modulators and heat transfer. He has presented at numerous industry conferences and to groups up to 5000 people on product development.