Kevin Gosnell

Founder ALS One, Patient Advocate

I am 47 years old and have been married to my wife, Kathy, for 20 years. We met in college at the age of 18. I have been unbelievably blessed to have my best friend and soul mate as my partner in life. Together we have 3 amazing sons. My oldest, Scott, just started his freshman year at Colby College where he is playing football and majoring in Economics. Scott graduated from BC High and had a tremendous career both academically and athletically. We also have twin boys, Jake and Joey who are 16 years old. They just started their junior year at BC High. They both have had a tremendous experience at BC High and are both very entrepreneurial. Our kids are generous, kind and loving. We are truly blessed!

I graduated from Hanover High and went on to Framingham State. I played football through my high school and college years. I wasn’t the best athlete yet I worked harder than most. I was a four year starter and the captain my senior year of college. This was my first real experience in leadership. I found out that it was something I was passionate about. In order to attend college I needed to pay for it myself. I started T&K Asphalt Services with a childhood friend. The company has grown to service the New England area with 150 employees and over $25 million/year in sales. I have been involved in other businesses and have a deep passion and have acquired knowledge in marketing, sales and
leadership. I believe in self-education and am a student of any challenge I tackle. I have many faults yet I have been blessed with the ability to build teams, motivate others and speak publicly.

One day in October of 2014 I had a pain in my calf. By mid November it had moved to my hamstring. Around Christmas time I first felt weakness in my leg. By April I had been told that it might be ALS by a neurologist at Tufts Medical Center. I went to the ALS Clinic at Mass General Hospital for a confirmation of the diagnosis, which I received in May of 2015.

Over the past few months I have done a lot of research on what this horrible disease is. It is a lot to digest! One thing that rings true is that there are no real treatment options – and that, to me, can no longer be the case! I have been working on getting my personal life in order so I can find a path that can help ALS.

Only God knows the productive time I have left so I want to do the most I can as quickly as I can! I was blessed with a positive mental attitude. I believe God gave this disease to me so that I can help find a treatment for this awful disease! I will do all that I can to make that happen!