John MacDonald

Family Physician; Instructor at MIT Media Lab

John is a family practitioner from Toronto who recently came to the US to study at MIT where he is an MBA candidate at Sloan School of Management and instructor at the MIT Media Lab. His interests lie around understanding the economic pressures, politics, and opportunities for innovation within medicine

John has a particular interest in health technology and innovative health services delivery in low resource settings. He recently became an instructor at the MIT Media Lab for a course about novel ways of using consumer grade technology to address healthcare challenges. The course introduces students to pressing health challenges as well as novel design and prototyping techniques that might be used to solve them. The course is in association with Prof. Ramesh Raskar’s Camera Culture Group and the Tata Center for Technology and Design. He is also a clinical lead on several health sensors projects with the Camera Culture group.

John is a licensed Canadian physician, having completed his residency in family medicine (general practice) at the University of Toronto and his MD at the University of Calgary. He was also a founding member of the Toronto Health Organization Performance Evaluation (T-HOPE) research group focusing on evaluating health programs in the developing world and creating new metrics and frameworks to evaluate their impact.