John Carter

Owner Titanium Health, Master Trainer, Head Trauma Survivor

John Carter is a personal trainer at Titanium Health and Fitness, his private gym in Brookline, where he shows his clients that they can push themselves to achieve more than they thought was possible. Born and raised in Worcester, MA, John grew up as a football star and all-around good son, delivering newspapers and shoveling snow for his neighbors. Trouble started when John’s dad died, and John tried to take over as head of the family. John is the proud father of one son and two daughters. Another member of John’s immediate family is his service dog, a Great Dane named Jagger. Jagger is always at John’s side, helping him keep his balance as he walks, and giving him the confidence to make many things possible again, following a serious injury that left John wheelchair-bound several years ago. A business owner and active member of his community, John now dedicates his life to teaching others: “Don’t quit! You can do more than you ever imagined.”