Jason Redman

Former Navy Seal

Jason “Jay” Redman retired after twenty one years serving with the Navy SEAL Teams. He has taken those lessons learned over a two decade career and is now sharing them with companies, teams, churches, and individuals across the globe. His message of leadership, teamwork and most importantly, the Overcome mindset inspires and resonates with companies and individuals alike.

Jason has been requested and spoken for professional sports teams, schools, and fortune 500 companies. Jason has had the honor to speak for the Marriott Corporation, NASCAR, the NFL, McDonalds, Dell, and has been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal and Investors.com. If you are looking for a speaker to motivate your team, business or employees to the next level and have fun and be inspired while doing it, book Jason Redman today.

Jason Redman has summarized his twenty-one year career as a Navy SEAL Leader into an inspiring presentation based around five core principles of elite performers and six life tenets.

Teamwork – Understanding that success and the ability to overcome failure are built on the foundation of a strong Team. Leadership – Understanding that every person in the organization is a leader and all should aspire to dynamic leadership. Clearly Defined Mission / Goals / Tasks – Understanding no individual or organization can reach elite statues without clearly defined goals and metrics to measure progress. Overcome Mindset – Develop an Overcome mindset where no obstacle cannot be overcome. Adapting to the Unexpected – “Plan for the best but always prepare for the worst and when those catastrophic events occur, you will be mentally prepared and will never suffer permanent failure.”