Erik Lindbergh

Co-founder & Executive Chairman of VerdeGo Aero

Erik Lindbergh is the Co-founder and Executive Chairman of VerdeGo Aero – an eVTOL “flying car” propulsion company. He is the chairman of the board for the Lindbergh Foundation, and serves on the board of trus-tees for the XPRIZE Foundation.

A passionate artist, Erik creates sculptures and furniture from wood and bronze which have directly led to unusual jobs, extraordinary people and life-altering adventures.

Disabled by rheumatoid arthritis in his 20’s, a double knee replacement, new bio-technology and a little grit have Erik climbing and skiing big mountains with his band of OGRs (Old Guys Rockin’) in his 50’s!

Erik and his wife Lyn Lindbergh co-host the hot new podcast suitably named, The Lindberghs. Their podcast’s mission is to help listeners find second chances in life, love, business, and for our planet.