Eric Standop

Author & Face-Reader

With over 15 years experience in facial diagnosis, face recognition and face reading, Eric has trained under 3 legendary Masters across 3 continents to become the only Master Face Reader worldwide that fluidly merges Chinese and South American face reading methodologies, Greek techniques in physiognomy, modern studies in micro-expressions, and health- and nutritional-diagnosis.

His astute diagnostic abilities on a wide range of human conditions such as physical ailments, personality strengths and weaknesses, leadership style, relational philosophies and inherent skill sets, have made him the go-to advisor for powerful decision makers as well as individuals who seek to better understand themselves.

Words connect. They bridge strangers. They can also manipulate. As a high powered entertainment marketing executive, Eric Standop was good with words but he found them lacking in their ability to relay underlying truths in the people and situations he faced.

The face is different. A smile, a glance or glare can be more powerful and reveal raw emotion where words often fail. The face speaks its own language and most people use intuition to read it.

Eric wanted to control it. To really understand people and see their true being. To help others recognize it within themselves. He found his destiny.

Finally, Eric looks behind the fog of words and reads in the face the authentic side of a person. Ultimately, who wouldn’t want a blunt, unadulterated view of himself or others?

Eric was born in Karlsruhe, Germany. Now, he travels the world speaking, advising, writing and reading faces.