Emily Saul

Sport Psychology, Performance Coach & Collegiate Rower

Sport Psychology & Performance Coach, Founder of E Saul Movement, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Community Fitness Leader for November Project Boston, Marathon Runner, Div I Collegiate Rower, NCAA Strength & Conditioning All-American, Trauma & Resilience Educator, Sport & Activity-Based Education Specialist.

I have a Master’s degree in Sport Psychology and am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Since 2014, I have been co-leading the free fitness movement November Project in Boston, where I motivate and challenge athletes of all abilities and walks of life, from those who “have never run before,” to those who are returning to fitness of some kind, to elite athletes of all kinds, all while harnessing the power of community.

I was a Division I collegiate rower, coached Strength & Conditioning at Harvard for seven years, and am an avid marathon runner on road and trail. 

I have a deep desire to help athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone who moves to find the potential inside them. Drilling into the mysteries and nuances of the athletic brain and igniting its full power is my passion and my calling. I am confident in my ability to see the “awesome” inside you and together we can help you discover your potential most fully.