Elliott Kronenfeld

Therapist, Founder, Insight Psychotherapy, LLC

Elliott Kronenfeld is a certified sex and couple’s therapist who specializes in intimacy, infertility and infidelity. He is known for helping finding their passion and connecting it to their lives. He’s the founder of Insight Brookline Psychotherapy and Insight Newton Psychotherapy and Colibri Integrative Group, LLC.

Elliott specializes in therapies for individuals, couples and families that are dealing with issues that inhibit future growth and happiness. His specialties include infertility, Surrogacy/Adoption/Foster Care, family formation, life transitions/personal growth, men’s issues, military, and GLBTQQIA issues. He also work with people who are dealing with anxiety, grief and loss, adjustment/mood disorders and other concerns. His approach is solution focused, varied and includes a strength based perspective. Narrative therapy, CBT and interpersonal methods are often used.