Douglass Turner

Software Consultant, Data Visualization & 3D Graphics

Douglass Turner is an Apple alumnus with wide ranging experience in 3D graphics.

At Apple he worked in their 3D R&D team developing advanced rendering systems and and was a member of the team that invented interactive 360 panoramas.

Doug has worked and taught internationally with projects in Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Indonesia, and the UK. Doug traveled to Bali to shoot 360 panoramas for a virtual tour of that beautiful island. The University of Iceland computer science department invited Doug to teach. He created and taught a seminar on topics spanning virtual reality, tangible computing, calm technology, and visual f/x. Back in the United States, Treehouse invited Doug to teach an online course on Objective-C and C for mobile iOS developers.

Doug is now based in Boston where he runs a one-man software consultancy. He currently builds data visualization apps for genomic research institutions. He is actively exploring VR and AR opportunities.

You can read more about Doug Turner’s journey in this Medium piece he wrote about his Silicon Valley experience http://bit.ly/1WwLsqA or listen to this interview he did for the Revision Path podcast: http://bit.ly/1n9mO0v