Dena Shahriari

Biomaterials scientist and neural engineer, postdoctoral researcher at MIT

Dena Shahriari works on finding a cure for traumatic nerve injuries especially spinal cord injuries. She aims to introduce approaches and tools that are accessible to other researchers and clinicians to join forces in repairing damaged nerves.

Her work has resulted in a technique to mass-produce implants that mimic nerve shapes and dimensions to bridge nerve gaps. Her research has also led to the development of a fully implantable device to study the effects of stimulating selected neurons on nerve repair using optical stimulation. The device can be shared with and built by laboratories with minimum resources and will provide tools for other researchers to join in finding a cure for nerve injuries.

She is a postdoctoral research associate at MIT and the recipient of the NSF graduate student fellowship and the Craig Neilsen Spinal Cord Injury postdoctoral fellowship.