Chris Sanders

Health Innovation Leader

Chris Sanders is on a mission to enable high-impact teams to commercialize digital health solutions that bring knowledge and insight into one of the most complex biological mysteries of our time.

Most recently, Sanders collaborated with GRAIL’s Galleri Launch Team on the design and implementation of a commercial blood collection strategy enabling operations at scale to bring the company’s first multi-cancer, early detection diagnostic to humanity.

Sanders has a deep passion for unearthing the “secrets” buried in the 2 TB of data our body generates every day in order to create meaningful insights that drive us to action in making informed decisions about our health.

Sanders has also been a leading force in accelerating movements like TEDxBeaconStreet / TEDxBoston, TEDxMIT, AR in Action, Hacking Medicine and Imagination in Action bringing tech innovators, visionaries and entrepreneurs together to share actionable ideas with leaders from around the world in order to inspire and mobilize meaningful change.