Casey Nava

Founder & CEO of Navadise Media

Casey Nava is the 22 year old founder and CEO of Navadise Media. Navadise is a digital media marketing company whose mission is to create a new perspective in digital media and change the way companies market themselves in a constantly evolving global economy. They provide video marketing that tell the story of businesses like never before and this creates an incredible relationship between company to customers.

What makes Navadise special is their story – Casey started the Navadise Media at 18, built his first drone, and pitched his idea to a local golf course. He later was linked up with a writer for golf magazine, who helped him pitch to two amazing courses in Maine. From there Casey had enough capital to invest in a more advanced drone (top of the line at that time). This is when his company decided on their business model — pride ourselves in staying up to date with the most tech. Advanced equipment and constantly adapt to the most efficient / effective ways of doing things. Anything that’s worth doing is worth over doing.

Casey’s team has had some incredible clients including Boston Red Sox, Julian Edelman, Ocean Properties Ltd., Boston Globe, Insurcomm, CNBC Travel, Tuckerman Aviation, and Inspire More and has worked on some incredible projects.