Caitlin Hicks

Vascular Surgeon, Asst. Professor at Johns Hopkins University

Caitlin Hicks MD, MS is a board-certified general and vascular surgeon who specializes in the of aortic and peripheral artery disease. She is also an accomplished physician scientist with over 140 peer-reviewed publications and numerous textbook chapters.

Dr. Hicks’ research interests are focused on appropriateness of care in vascular surgery and healthcare in general. She first developed an interest in this topic as a general surgery resident, when she designed and executed a comprehensive Choosing Wisely blood transfusion initiative that decreased RBC and plasma utilization in the Johns Hopkins Department of Surgery by 15% and 24%, respectively. Since that time she was selected to serve as a member on the Society for Vascular Surgery Quality and Performance Measures Committee, and was appointed to a CMS Clinical Expert Subcommittee tasked with refining peripheral vascular disease cost measures for implementation in the Quality Payment Program.

Most recently, Dr. Hicks has been working with Dr. Martin Makary on a project focused on defining and reducing low-value care in vascular surgery. Together they have developed a number of vascular surgery metrics for the Improving Wisely Project, which identifies low-value procedures in vascular surgery and provides targeted surgeon-to-surgeon feedback to improve outlier performance. Dr. Hicks has worked with the American Venous and Lymphatic Society to distribute these reports to physicians performing venous procedures, and is working with the Society for Vascular Surgery to develop a similar initiative focused on the treatment of peripheral artery disease.

A distinguished fellow of the American Board of Surgery, Dr. Hicks is the recipient of the Department of Surgery Rothman Early Career Development Award for Surgical Research and was selected as a Visiting Scholar to the American Board of Medical Specialties for 2018-2019.