Artsiom Chapialiou

Ballroom Dancer

Adrianne Haslet-Davis has been inspiring people from all over the world with her resilient recovery from the Boston Marathon Bombings where she lost her left leg below the knee. She has had an outpouring of encouragement from the amputee community asking her to dance on a generic prosthetic, in hopes that they too can be inspired to dance. While most of us would use “I have two left feet” as an excuse not to dance, Adrianne and her partner Artsiom Chapialiou are here to prove you don’t even need one left foot to really shake things up!

Adrianne Haslet-Davis is a professional ballroom dancer whose world came crashing down when she lost her left leg below the knee at the Boston Marathon Bombings. She has made the long journey back to the dance floor with her partner Artsiom Chapialiou and hopes to inspire other amputees to dance as well.