Ann Rosenberg

SVP Sustainability Solutions at Wood

After 20 years at SAP, I moved to Wood plc to work as the Senior Vice President for Sustainability Solutions, while supporting a number of UN initiatives and non-profit organisations including the WEF Climate Governance Initiative, UN Global Compact SDG Ambition, the Global Education and Leadership Foundation, and Leaders on Purpose.

Additionally, I am working in parallel to make Web3 more responsible and accessible by investigating and exploring the potential of Web3 technologies to develop climate solutions through the use of blockchain-based smart contracts, DAOs, NFTs, and metaverse platforms. I began working with Web 3.0 in 2017, when I was rated one of the top 50 Influential Women in Blockchain by Onalytica. In 2022, I was listed in Mission Impact’s Top 100 Women of the Future, which profiled my trajectory from sustainable digital business transformation to applied sci-fi thinking in Web3 for purpose-driven climate and sustainability solutions.

In 2020, I co-founded and launched the UN Global Compact SDG Ambition together with the UN Global Compact. The UNGC SDG Ambition challenges and supports companies to be more strategic and transformative in their business practices while working to deliver on the 2030 Agenda and build on the ESG framework. SDG Ambition challenges companies to set bolder goals in alignment with their mission and values, governance, and business strategy, all while addressing barriers to accelerate and scale enterprise-wide integration to embed the SDGs into business management processes and information technology landscapes.

The first Business Benchmark to be launched was the Business Ambition for 1.5 C. This Benchmark challenges companies to take bold action to redefine business models to limit the global temperature and mitigate climate change. This will require integration of new functionalities and datasets within existing enterprise softwares for businesses to become sustainable enterprises, and includes carbon accounting across the value chain, carbon ledger approach, calculation of high-level carbon footprint, and more. Nine other Business Benchmarks were launched at the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit.