Alexandra Angelone

Makeup Artist, Hairstylist & Esthetician

Alexandra has always been a creative person. As a child, you could not get her out of the art center during class and as she grew older, she was obsessed with drawing faces and shading their features. In middle school she would steal her sister’s makeup to practice on herself. It made perfect sense to her that once in college she just naturally started doing her friends’ makeup. That spiraled into volunteering in the hair and makeup department for student plays and the future was clear for her. In hindsight, she has been apprenticing for this job since she was a small girl.

She takes a somewhat different approach to beauty and makeup. She is first and foremost a student of history and particularly, the history of beauty. This is the foundation she has built her knowledge on. As well, she has been very blessed to travel around the world and meet some of the most amazing people from all walks of life. Because of her incessant desire to constantly learn and discover both new and old world beauty trends, she has developed an eclectic blend of inspirations from which I draw on to help bring her client’s visions to life. She understands that the world is a very large and beautiful blend of cultures and each has their beauty ideals. As such, she know that each client is uniquely inspired and she aims to use her knowledge and the utmost respect for their inspirations to create. It is in this respect that she offers a complete service to her clients.

In addition to my makeup and hair services, she is a 2016 graduate of the Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics and a Licensed Esthetician.

Her Clients have included Maisie Williams, Soledad O’Brien, Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, HBO, Sophia Amoruso, Her Campus X Under Armour, James White of The New England Patriots, Univision Television, State Street Corp, and NEWMA Boston. I am represented by TEAM Artist Representatives.