Alex Reben

Emotive Robotics

Alexander Reben studied human-robot symbiosis at MIT and is an engineer and artist exploring how technology can augment humanity through technology. He is a kinetic engineer and interactive artist who designs robots and novel interfaces to experimentally explore humankind’s evolving relationship with technology. His work has been shown at Ars Electronica, MIT, Axiom, EYEBEAM, The Whitney Biennial, and has been featured in New Scientist, Fast Company, BBC, CBC, Hack a Day, and other news outlets. Following his MIT thesis “Boxie”, he was invited to speak at TED and several universities.
Alexander’s recent interactive installation, “Robots-in-Residence: The World’s First Documentary Shot And Directed Entirely By Robots” premiered at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam’s Doclab, and showcased at the 2013 Tribeca International Film Festival’s Storyscapes Competition.