Al’Amin Cissi

Poet, Member WISE Learners’ Voice Program

Al’Amin Cissi was born and raised in the Bronx, New York City. He describes himself as “The child of a college dropout out who kept all the books she took out of the library and bought for classes, and an imam who became a tailor.” A graduate of Wheelock College, double majoring in Communications and American Studies, Al’Amin often uses poetry as a tool to spread his ideas and has come to the conclusion that his role as a social disrupter led to his passion for radical education reform. He believes that understanding history is an essential quality of a leader because it has a heavy impact on one’s ability to combat social norms and cultural narratives. He wishes to pursue a Ph.D. one day — for the robe. “They looked really cool on stage at graduation and most of them only come in color.”