TEDxBeaconStreet Salon @ Franklin Park Zoo

Saturday, June 16th 




The Tapirs are taking a vacation!

Join us on June 16th for our next TEDxBeaconStreet Salon where our speakers will be giving their talks in the Tapir Exhibit at the Franklin Park Zoo. All talks from the Tapir Exhibit will be simulcasted to the gorillas across the hall where you can watch their reactions to the talks as they listen.


5:00 – 6:00 pm | Checkin; check out exhibits (Arrive as early as 4:30pm to check out the rest of the zoo.***)

5:15 – 6:00 pm | Ideas in Action Program (Note: this will not be recorded.)

6:00 – 8:45 pm | Talks & performances in Tapir Exhibit (Note: these talks will be recorded.) More details HERE.

***Early Zoo Access: We encourage everyone to arrive early and check out the Zoo Exhibits. Your ticket to our event will give you full-access to the entire Zoo including the special animatronic exhibit prior to our event staring at 4:30. Access to the Rainforest exhibit where our event is being held will begin at 5pm.

On-site Registration:

  • Each of the two Zoo Entrances
  • Entrance to Tropical Forest Exhibit

Boxed Dinner + Drink Tickets:

  • Included with paid registration only (you paid money for your ticket).
  • If you used a free discount code for your ticket, you will have the option to buy a boxed dinner on-site at the event (subject to availability).
  • Adult box dinner will have several options for wraps including turkey and cheese, ham and cheese or a veggie wrap, plus chips, a fruit, a cookie and water. Also, adults purchasing the box dinner will get a ticket for a free beer. The children’s dinner will have a turkey and cheese or Peanut butter and jelly sandwich option plus animal crackers and a juice.



Speaker Schedule

6:00Akito van Troyer, MIT Opera of the Future Group, MIT Media Lab

6:05Nathaniel Pearson, Human Genomicist & Founder at Root

6:25Rory Browne, Director & Associate Dean @ Boston College, Zoo Historian

6:35 – Rita Poussaint Nethersole – Animal Interpreter / Animal Care Volunteer

6:45 – Zoo Ambassador Animal Royal Ball Python

6:55Danika Oriol-Morway, Director of Foster Parrots & New England Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary, Interview

7:05 – Hayley Reardon, Singer & Songwriter

7:15 – Mason Dunn, Executive Director, Massachusetts Trans Political Coalition

7:25 – Rodrigo Martinez, Chief Marketing & Design Officer at VeritasGenetics

7:35 – George Church, Genetics Pioneer, Professor Harvard Med, Core Faculty Wyss Institute

8:00Colin Van Dyke, Environmental Lawyer at Anderson & Kreiger

8:10 – Social Signals Improv Group Yagmur Ugur, Isaac Satin, Cala Adair, Simone Fried, Nathaniel Cowper, Gabriel Nahmias

8:20Abby and Baby Tapirs brought back to the exhibit

8:30 – Finish

Concurrent Talks Occurring in the Hippo Theater

  • Eric Baitchman
  • Bryan Windmiller
  • Anne Knapp
  • Amanda Giardina
  • Christine Bartos
  • Cynthia Mead


Tropical Forest Building at the Franklin Park Zoo, 1 Franklin Park Road, Boston, MA 02121

Tapir Exhibit where the talks will be taking place:



Franklin Park Zoo is a 72-acre site nestled in Boston’s historic Franklin Park, long considered the “crown jewel” of Frederick Law Olmsted’s Emerald Necklace Park System. The Zoo was founded in 1912 and was managed by the City of Boston until 1958, when the Metropolitan District Commission (MDC), a state agency, assumed management. The MDC managed the Zoos until 1991, when Governor William Weld signed legislation to create the private Commonwealth Zoological Corporation (CZC). In July of 1997 the CZC changed its name to Zoo New England to reflect the regional appeal of the Zoo.