Traction @ The ‘Quin House

Monday, August 15th, 12 pm – 6:30 pm 

Block 1 – 12:00 pm  

  • Robert Waldinger – Presenter of the 9th most viewed TED talk (49 m views) updates us on the longest longitudinal study on happiness and what it means for all of us
  • Butch Rosser – Surgeon’s call to action to eradicate weight stigma, fat shaming, and size discrimination
  • Carl Streed – Physician and Researcher outlining attacks on LGBTQ healthcare and how clinicians need to advocate beyond the clinic.
  • Cassidy Lichtman – US Woman’s National Volleyball player speaks on an profound innovation for women’s sport
  • Katherine Gehl – Business leader and author speaks about a new political innovation—Final Five Voting—that could end political gridlock and save our democracy.
  • Chris Nowinski – 20 years after a brain injury ended his WWE career, this former Harvard Football player & BU-trained neuroscientist proves contact sports cause CTE beyond any doubt, launches a global CTE-prevention campaign for kids.

Block 2 – 01:45 pm  

  • Chrystal Seawood – Making art in community, especially
  • Claire Glynn – Forensic DNA expert discusses how family trees are cracking open cold case investigations
  • Monalisa Johnson – A mother who went undercover in a jail to understand her daughter, updates us on the impact of incarceration on the family
  • Erik Lindbergh – Decarbonizing Aviation using incentive prizes
  • Florian Hillen – MIT Startup founder speaks on How AI is disrupting dentistry and impacting 10s of millions of people
  • Greg Kats – Entrepreneur reconceptualizes all city surfaces as a single system to take on the crises of heat death and climate change


Block 3 – 03:30 pm 

  • Karyn Ross – Activator & author shares why the best kind of leader is a kind leader
  • Charlene Wheeless – 7 Seconds of Courage: Choice, not Chance
  • Cory Pesaturo – World Champion Accordionist speaks on his quest to make the according as cool or cooler than the guitar
  • Pablo Paredes – Do we really know what “health” is?” – talk about how people only care about it when it is gone, but people just don’t care about it when they are “healthy”
  • Pennie Saum – Sexual abuse prevention activist updates on being brave and unbroken
  • Peter Vanderwarker – Photographer, author, and map geek transforms Boston historical maps into works of art made from steel.


Block 4 – 05:15 pm 

  • Tierney Thys – National Geographic Explorer, marine biologist, filmmaker speaks about how fabrics and fashion can be conservation’s Trojan horse
  • Sean Doherty – Parent speaks on reimagining philanthropy to drive cures
  • Sabrina Lane – What a high school student learned from cleaning up hate symbols in Bosnia
  • Suzi Hamill – Designer and creator of the Apron Manifesto explores ideas of work, femininity and how we might save the world.
  • Takeru “TK” Nagayoshi – Massachusetts 2020 Teacher of the Year speaks on the future of teachers and ways to empower their creativity
  • Richard Kane – Founder of an airline updates us on the future of travel 





Butch Rosser

physician and general surgeon with a special interest in diseases of the esophagus and stomach

Carl Streed

Clinician-Investigator at Boston Medical Center Center for Transgender Medicine & Surgery

Chris Nowinski

Co-Founder & CEO, Concussion Legacy Foundation & former WWE Superstar

Greg Kats

Founder & CEO, Smart Surfaces Coalition

Karyn Ross

Activator, Author, Artist, Coach & Consultant

Monalisa Johnson

A&E TV Personality on “60 DAYS IN” & Criminal Justice Advocate

Pablo Paredes

Clinical Professor Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Epidemiology and Population Health, Stanford School of Medicine

Pennie Saum

Sexual Abuse Prevention Activist, Author; Founder, Director - Brave and Unbroken Project

Robert Waldinger

Director, Harvard Study of Adult Development; Director, MGH Program in Psychodynamic Therapy, Psychiatry, MGH; 9th most viewed TED talk

Tierney Thys

National Geographic Explorer, marine biologist, filmmaker, science media producer, cofounder of Around the World in 80 Fabrics


Housed in one of the Back Bay’s most historic and glamorous buildings, The ‘Quin House – formerly the 1888 Algonquin Club – is an aesthetically-stunning playground that aspires to inspire and enrich its community through its thoughtful programming, epicurean adventures, world-class art collection and through its philanthropic arm, The ‘Quin Impact Fund. Encompassing 56,000 square feet, The ‘Quin House is a six-floor architectural gem – reimagined by Founders Sandy and Paul Edgerley, Creative Director, Ken Fulk and Managing Director, Matthias Kiehm. Comprised of four restaurants, six lounges, three bars, eight guest quarters, a roof deck, a fitness and wellness center as well as a collection of private event spaces where a varied cross-generational group of the region’s interesting and interested leaders, creators and innovators – meet, work and play.

The club is an oasis in the heart of Boston – home to the world’s most distinguished institutions of higher learning, prestigious hospitals, and cutting-edge medical research. We’re a center of tech innovation, entrepreneurial development, and philanthropy; and the nation’s leading legal, investment and finance firms all have offices here. Our community exists because of the drive and passion of extraordinary individuals with varied experiences, knowledge, beliefs and capabilities. The ‘Quin’s desire to connect amazing people is based on the belief that a simple introduction can lead to new bonds, new ideas and priceless new memories.




The ‘Quin House, 217 Commonwealth Avenue

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