TEDxBoston @ The ‘Quin House

Thursday, November 4th, 10 am – Midnight 

Join us on Nov 4th when we’ll be bringing together 60 Speakers in a 14-hr hyper-immersive event packed with the latest thought provoking ideas and serendipitous connections.







Housed in one of the Back Bay’s most historic and glamorous buildings, The ‘Quin House – formerly the 1888 Algonquin Club – is an aesthetically-stunning playground that aspires to inspire and enrich its community through its thoughtful programming, epicurean adventures, world-class art collection and through its philanthropic arm, The ‘Quin Impact Fund. Encompassing 56,000 square feet, The ‘Quin House is a six-floor architectural gem – reimagined by Founders Sandy and Paul Edgerley, Creative Director, Ken Fulk and Managing Director, Matthias Kiehm. Comprised of four restaurants, six lounges, three bars, eight guest quarters, a roof deck, a fitness and wellness center as well as a collection of private event spaces where a varied cross-generational group of the region’s interesting and interested leaders, creators and innovators – meet, work and play.

The club is an oasis in the heart of Boston – home to the world’s most distinguished institutions of higher learning, prestigious hospitals, and cutting-edge medical research. We’re a center of tech innovation, entrepreneurial development, and philanthropy; and the nation’s leading legal, investment and finance firms all have offices here. Our community exists because of the drive and passion of extraordinary individuals with varied experiences, knowledge, beliefs and capabilities. The ‘Quin’s desire to connect amazing people is based on the belief that a simple introduction can lead to new bonds, new ideas and priceless new memories.



The ‘Quin House, 217 Commonwealth Avenue

Directions HERE. Public Transit is best. Parking HERE


Organizing Team

TEDxBoston is powered by a small army of volunteer leaders who bring together a wealth of diverse knowledge and are passionate about showcasing compelling speakers and ideas in order to provoke transformative progress for humanity.

We are proud to recognize our talented and dedicated team organizing this event:

  • John Werner | Producer
  • Katherine Taylor | Photography
  • Anna Remus | Director & Cinematographer
  • Alexandra Angelone | Makeup Artistry
  • Karyn Detering | Graphic Artist
  • Jeff Grantz | 3D Visualizations
  • Chris Sanders | Operations
  • Bruce Hecht | Operations



We value the amazing diversity of the community we bring together at our events which is certainly clear by the tags submitted by our audience during registration! Who are you excited to meet?