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Adventure Catalysts are visionary TEDx organizers from across the globe who join our annual conference to share and experiment with formats of community engagement through our Adventures model. Read more about the program HERE.

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Aalok Jaiswal

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Aaron “Tango” Tang

TEDxCambridge, Cambridge, MA, USA

Aaron Sylvan

TEDxFultonStreet, New York, NY, USA

Abdulrahman Al Bawardi

TEDxBassamSchools, TEDxYouth@Khobar, TEDxDammamLive, Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Adam Burk

Adil Jafry

Alessandra Nicole

TEDxWilmington, Wilmington, DE, USA

Alex Grgurich

TEDxDesMoines, TEDxYouth@DesMoines, Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Alexandre Estelle Pelegrin

TEDxYouth@Amposta, Tarragona, Spain

Ali Reza Punjani

TEDxPonceyHighland, Atlanta, GA, USA

Alida Esmail

TEDxMontreal, Montreal, QC, Canada

Alina Soto

TEDxUCCI, Grand Cayman

Alysia Dahir

TEDxFountain Hills, AZ, USA

Amandine Dhennin

TEDxMontréal, Montreal, Canada

Amir Banifatemi

TEDxOrangeCoast, Newport Beach, CA, USA

Amy Sterling

TEDx Music Project (TEDx special project)